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Vestige, your unique, framed, numbered and signed historical work of art!

Updated: May 2

Vestige is the transformation of the historic slates of La Mothe Chandeniers, found over the course of construction work, building sites and festivals, into a unique, framed, numbered and signed work of art.

Dear co-Châtelains,

We hope you're well.

Over 1,500 of us expressed our opinions on the creation of Vestige, our unique, framed, numbered and signed works of historic art.

A magnificent mobilization on this new, much more regular consultation format for our community.


  • 85% of us approved of this creative idea to finance phase 2 of the restoration,

  • We are 92% in favor of a general public distribution with a special co-châtelain price,

  • The average of all the selling prices we expressed gives 105€ for general public distribution.


  • Vestige is now officially launched,

  • The boutique price is set at 105€,

  • The co-châtelain price is lowered to 95€ during these 2 weeks of pre-orders, with the added 15% discount, i.e. 81€.

  • With such a positive response, Vestige should enable us to restart major restorations as early as 2024.

Alongside Vestige, we're also launching our long-awaited online boutique. From today, you'll find Vestige, the book, the wine, the Châteaux posters and postcards, and a few new items such as plush toys.

Please note: the online boutique operates on a pre-order basis only. In order to be able to fulfill orders for the Christmas period, the store will only be open for a period of 15 days (Thursday November 16 - Thursday November 30).

As a co-châtelain you benefit from a 15% discount on all products in the store.

Please use the promo code communicated in the newsletter entitled "Resumption of work and online store".

We explain everything in this new article.


How does it work?

1/ Your Vestige

Your Vestige is unique.

Its shape, color and number will be yours and unlike any other.

Your Vestige will be framed, numbered and signed.

Your Vestige will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

2/ How to order your Vestige?

Pre-orders are only open to co-Châtelains (who can order for themselves or their loved ones) for a period of 15 days only: from Thursday, November 16, 2023 to Thursday, November 30, 2023.

After this period, no more Vestige items will be available for sale online. They will, however, be available from the Château boutique until the limited edition is sold out.

3/ How many Vestiges will be produced in total?

At the end of the pre-order phase reserved for co-Châtelains, we will multiply by 2 the number of Vestiges ordered, in order to keep stock for latecomers and the Château Boutique.

For example: if 1000 Vestiges are ordered, the number of fully created Vestiges will be 2000. And not 1 more.

This number will appear on your Vestige and will never be increased. You can receive Vestige n*10/2000.

4/ Can I choose my number?

No, each Vestige will be sent at random.

So you'll have as much chance of getting the 1/2000 as the 1147/2000.

5/ How many colors are available?

Thanks to your feedback, 5 colors will be available:

  • Bee

  • Brut

  • Sang de Boeuf

  • La vie en Rose

  • Bleu co-châtelain

6/ What's the price?

The community has spoken: the price has been set at 105€.

During the pre-order phase reserved for co-chatelains, which ends on November 30, the price will be lowered to 81€.

Once the pre-order phase is over, the price will return to 105€ for everyone.

7/ Will Vestige appreciate in value?

Like all works of art, Vestige will be subject to the market price of supply and demand. The value may fall, remain stable or rise due to the limited print run.

Some issues may have a higher resale value. Again, it all depends on supply and demand.

8/ Will owning a Vestige entitle me to new benefits?

There are bound to be a few surprises...

9/ Are shipping costs (packaging, protection and postage) included in the sale price?


Here is a table showing the breakdown of costs:

10/ Can I order several Vestiges?

Yes, you can order as many as you like.

11/ When will I receive my order?

We'll do our utmost to ensure that all orders arrive before Christmas (a great gift idea). Hence the 2 weeks open for pre-orders.

12/ How much does it cost to create?

It all depends on the total number of Vestige created.

This can vary from around thirty to ten percent, depending on the number.

The more we create, the lower our fixed costs (materials, frames, paint, labor, certificate and creation).

13/ How will the profits be used?

100% of profits (sales price - creation costs) will go directly and solely to the restoration program.

Depending on the number of Vestiges ordered, we will be able to finance one or more restoration phases.

14/ How much will the next phases cost?

  • Chapel 50% of restoration: €217,500

    • Removal of wooden bell tower

    • On-site restoration by specialized craftsmen

    • Removal of stained glass windows

    • Restoration of stained glass windows by a master glassmaker

    • Framework

  • Full chapel: €435,000 (€217,500 + €217,500)

    • Complete restoration of roof

    • Complete restoration of masonry

    • Installation of wooden bell tower

    • Installation of stained glass windows

  • Main staircase 50% of restoration: €190,000

    • Complete restoration of masonry

    • Total restoration of sculpted decorations

  • Main staircase in its entirety: €380,000 (€190,000 + €190,000)

    • Complete overhaul of the roof structure

    • Complete restoration of the roof

    • Creation and installation of new door and window frames

  • Exterior clock tower, in its entirety: €1,200,000 (this part cannot be phased)

    • Removal of wooden bell tower

    • Restoration by specialized craftsmen

    • Total removal of roof

    • Complete restoration of roof

    • Restoration and installation of new roof structure

    • Complete restoration of the parapet walk

    • Complete restoration of masonry

15/ Are there any other products available in the online store?

Yes, from today you can find the book, the wine, the photos and a few new items such as cuddly toys.

16/ When will I receive my order?

As with Vestige, the other products in the store are only available as pre-sales for 15 days.

Last order: Thursday November 30 at midnight

17/ Can I get a discount as a co-châtelain?

Yes, you benefit from a 15% discount on the entire site. Prices shown are for the general public.

Please use the promotional code sent in the newsletter entitled "Works resume and online store".

Enter it just before making your payment.

Please note: shipping costs for small items are high. We therefore advise you to group your orders to reduce the cost per product or to opt for our "co-châtelains packs".

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