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Our history

La Boutique des Châteaux offers you products from the meeting of 4 châteaux (La Mothe Chandeniers (86), Vibrac (16), Ebaupinay (79) and Boulogne (60)), purchased collectively by 
50,000 co-castellains. 

The collective purchase of monuments is a concept invented by Dartagnans. In 2017, Dartagnans revolutionized the approach to the preservation and promotion of castles, Historical Monuments and Heritage. Today a castle operator in its own right, Dartagnans has rescued 4 castles from oblivion thanks to its international community. In 5 years, we have brought together more than 50,000 shareholders, who have become co-castelains. 
Even today, the adventure is not ready to end...
On this online store you will find products from the 4 castles: wine, beers, goodies, “Vestige” work of art, so many souvenirs to bring home, as if to always have a piece of the castle with you…

Our Castles

Château de la Mothe Chandeniers: the magical

Vienna (86), France

To discover the Château de la Mothe Chandeniers is to enter a timeless place which goes beyond the framework of the simple monument. After its fire in 1932, this 19th century architectural folly was transformed into a true masterpiece of nature.

Throughout its history, it has experienced sumptuous glory, neglect, daring reconstruction, dramatic fire and astonishing survival.
Saved from ruin, the castle today belongs to thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world...

EBP1 (1).jpeg
Château de l'Ebaupinay: the medieval

Deux-Sèvres (79), France

Classified as a historic monument since 1898, the medieval castle of Ebaupinay is a rare witness to the architecture of the mid-15th century. From the towers to the monumental walls and small decorative details, this monument is a true treasure of the past to be preserved and enhanced.

Since 2019, Ebaupinay has vibrated around its rediscovered past. After several centuries of abandonment, this fantastic fortress dating from the end of the 15th century has been reborn and regained its letters of nobility thanks to its community of enthusiasts from around the world.

The Château de Boulogne: the mysterious

Oise (60), France

A real attraction until the start of the First World War, the Château de Boulogne suffered terribly during this conflict. A few months after the victory of the Marne, the front moved to the Oise. The castle, whose high tower offered a breathtaking view as far as Amiens, was requisitioned by the French army. It becomes a military camp and for 4 years, hundreds of men will try to survive there...


Today, we still have the “graffiti” and signatures of the soldiers of the time left underground as a precious historical witness. Nearly 7,500 people took the plunge to save and showcase this exceptional place!

Chateau de Vibrac-01071.jpg

Château de Vibrac: natural

Vienna (16), France

The history of this castle, built in the 13th century, is intimately linked to its land: land that had to be protected, as evidenced by its defensive remains, and land that fed its lords, as its farm buildings teach us.


Located in a remarkable natural area of 5 hectares, the castle lands are classified as a Protected Natural Area defined as "natural and rural of landscape quality with a dominant recreational and outdoor leisure area which can accommodate equipment linked to this vocation, while respecting preservation of sites. Since February 2020, Vibrac Castle has belonged to the largest community ever brought together to save castles in danger.

Our community

Our international community brings together nearly 50,000 co-castellans from 115 different countries, united around the preservation and development of its castles.


Private events and volunteer projects allow members of the community to get together, discover their castle in a privileged setting and take part in the work.

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